30 Days of Poetry, 2016


One a day, added throughout April.

Who’s that a-knocking?
Woodpecker at the chimney,
tapping: April Fools. 1/30

rainy Saturday:
practicing piano scales
in a cloud-lit room 2/30

The cherry blossoms—
they’re flying off their branches
in this spendthrift wind. 3/30

The red baseball cap
flying off the bald man’s head—
the squirrels are chuckling. 4/30

The Callery pear,
doesn’t know it stinks. 5/30

Who will remember
the last snowfall of April,
gone by 10 a.m.? 6/30

A sprinkling of rain
from trolley stop to hilltop—
Smells like fresh laundry. 7/30

When will it happen?
When will the spiders return
with their tickly feet? 8/30

Snow Daffodils

Outside my window
lionhearted daffodils
bright against the snow. 9/30

A silver sliver
in the inky April sky—
my fur stands on end. 10/30

Monday afternoon.
Overhead, geese are screaming
the terrible news. 11/30

Photo by Raymond Rorke

Photo by Raymond Rorke

Beware the flowers.
Keep your hands in your pockets;
they’ll take all you’ve got. 13/30

What hath the sun wrought?
Her cheery simulacrum
all over the lawn. 14/30

Friday, 5 p.m.
Inside the tiny stone church
someone’s playing Bach. 15/30

My little dog’s grave:
Overhead the poplar tree,
alive with birdsong. 16/30

Mourning Dove at noon:
Get over it already,
Shriek the other birds. 17/3


A Found Haiku
Market market walk
Light is on to cross market
Market walk light walk 18/30

The birds are warbling,
Glory be for grubs and worms!
A cat prowls the lawn. 19/30

One last sprig of green
from this loyal old dogwood
before it’s chopped down. 20/30

Thursday farm market:
the berries are assembled
like freckled soldiers. 21/30

April sunshower
My heart, like a child’s. 22/30
*Kitsune no Yomeiri (the fox’s wedding)

Poem or blossom?
The customer considers
fragrance v. shelf-life. 23/30

temporarily haiku

overhead and underfoot,
nothing but petals. 24/30

Sorry, garden,
your bees are apoplectic.
I’ll come back later. 25/30

Rabbit on the lawn!
The dog dances in circles
at the joy of it. 26/30

Backsliding weather.
Who’d have thought I could detest
the scent of woodsmoke? 27/30

Late April cold snap–
somewhere a dog is barking
at the brutal sky. 28/30

A knock-kneed jogger
A red tufted woodpecker
A clickety-clique 29/30

A blue ball floating
My blue eye, my blue planet
Last day of April 30/30