Christopher Columbus’s Living Room

Ever gaze up at a monument wishing for a pigeon’s eye view? Well, I have, and was glad for the opportunity to visit Tatzu Nishi’s whimsical conceptual art piece, Discovering Columbus, on Columbus Circle. There is something riveting about being able to occupy an impossible space, even if only for 15 minutes during a timed-ticket viewing that I waited six weeks to attend.

For me, Columbus was the perfect subject for this surreal experiment, since I have been re-imagining and reframing him as an historical figure my whole life. I went with my daughters, one of whom is a freshman in the theater program at Fordham Lincoln Center, a cannonball’s shot from Columbus Circle. The theatricality of the setting seemed particularly appropriate, and heightened, at our 4 PM, wintry sunset viewing.

The exhibit continues until December 2, so get your tickets now before the statue returns to the pigeons. Bring a camera and good shoes (there is an elevator, if you’re not keen to walk up 75 feet.) Click on thumbnails for slideshow.