Cleaver Magazine Issue 2 – coming tomorrow!


We’ve been working overtime behind the scenes getting Issue No. 2 of Cleaver Magazine ready for tis June 5th launch. And that’s tonight at midnight!

The illustration you see here is one of 8 potential covers that made it to our finalist list– the actual cover will be revealed tonight when the issue goes live.

It’s a great issue, featuring 41 emerging and established writers and artists of all ages, representing three continents. We’ve chosen 12 poetry selections, 12 short stories, 7 pieces of “flash”, 7 essays, a novel excerpt, and three artists submissions. For those who keep track of such things, 22 of our contributors are female; 19 male. We are right on target, in terms of our planned demographic distribution of writers. About 15% of contributors are UPenn-connected. 21% of the submissions were solicited. The rest came to us from the wide, wide world-wide web, thanks to the magic of That feels about right to us, and we’re thrilled with the quality of the submissions we received. I hope all of you will wander over to Cleaver and enjoy some of our summer offerings! –KR